When It Comes To Bigger Brain Courses, Standard Fare Is Not Good Enough
There is an unfortunate pattern in the majority of online courses. A speaker stands in a poorly lit area and lectures to the camera. This is not only disengaging, but is inherently dreadful. This kind of delivery method is only accessed by the most motivated learners, or when students or employees grudgingly link in order to fulfill some requirement, then mentally tune.

Sadly, they have good reason to have low expectations for online course training: the session they attend will not challenge them to raise the bar on their personal performance. It will not include practical ways to make meaningful connections with peer audiences. When the session ends, speakers will still lack the knowledge they could have gained had the course been properly designed and delivered.

Bigger Brains Courses Are Not Lectures
For years college courses have provided 45 minute napping sessions for students struggling to remain engaged. Even though lecturing is widely recognized as an impediment to learning, the fact is that most online course offerings opt for lectures because it is the easy way to produce a course. To lecture, all that is required is a camera and a victim. The most likely reason for using lecture is that the instructors do not have the desire or ability to produce something that is actually going to be useful for learning.

Bigger Brains Courses Are Not Entertainment
When instructors design a course and decide to avoid the drudgery of lecturing to the camera, they too often swing to the other extreme, and that is to create something that is primarily entertaining. This overreaction to the lecture, leads to manufactured enthusiasm, low and poor quality content, and minutes of wasted time. While they conspire to keep audiences awake, the truly motivated learners can’t help but become frustrated.

Each Course Designed To Engage The Mind, And Each Course Segment Meticulously Composed To Deliver Valuable Content In Precisely the Right Sequence.
We search the world over to identify the finest instructors for each course. Our selection process ensures that instructors will provide content in a way that is engaging, practical, and immediately accessible. After a single 10 minute segment a learner will walk away with valuable skills that will improve performance.

Courses That Make The Quantum Leap From Just Telling To Virtual Interaction
The true measure of our success is the improved performance of our learners. Bigger Brains goes far beyond rote lectures or rehearsing facts. We recognize that effective training occurs only when master instructors facilitate the transfer of information. Therefore, we select courses, instructors, and content that will enable learners to understand, retain, and successfully apply the material in practical ways.

Retention Through Active Virtual Learning
Everyone in the industry knows that retention correlates to the level that audience members are engaged and applying what they learn, as they learn. By adapting the tactics of Problem Based Learning, we keep audience members engaged from the start, and maintain that level of intensity throughout each session.

Bigger Brains Courses Are Uniquely Designed To Keep Your Mind Engaged And Help Learners Absorb And Apply As Much Content As Possible
We collaborate with each instructor to identify the most effective ways to deliver content so that it will provide the finest learning product available. This means that each course design — from topics, to segment topics, to camera angles and visual graphics, all work to maximize your fluency on a topic.

The Next Best Thing To Having An Expert Tutor
Instead of rehearsing basic skills or lecturing with a stale message, we facilitate the learning through a delivery method based on the latest learning data. Every instructor takes time to prepare their content, not only so that the audience will understand, but so that the audience can master the material.

As you take a Bigger Brains course you will note that the learning environment mirrors an ideal classroom experience. The visual and verbal focus is on communicating the content. The learner’s questions are purposeful and indicate enthusiasm born of interest. Finally, the greatest indicator of our success is that we help you achieve your goals.