Reporting doesn’t get much better than this. If you want to report on something, chances are that aimINSIGHT can deliver. From spotting trends in system performance to ‘health-check’ results to bandwidth and performance monitoring, show your true value by providing your businesses with visibility on what you’re doing in the background to keep their systems and hardware and your businesses up and running. Even better, you get to brand them up as your own.

Here’s the value that comprehensive reporting can add

  • Produce informative, detailed reports across a whole range of activities and in a wide range of formats
  • And brand them as your own
  • Proactively spot trends and sales opportunities
  • And demonstrate your value proving the case for upgrades

Here are our top reports

  • Device inventory report
  • Price breakdown report
  • Antivirus protection report
  • Backup integrity check
  • Take control report
  • Notes report
  • Hardware and software
  • User audit report

Automated client-facing reports

Being able to produce reports that are automatically sent to your businesses – fully branded – helps demonstrate that you’re on top things and looking after their equipment and that you’re the valued IT support provider they hired.

  • Daily and weekly – fixed content that quickly demonstrates to your businesses the daily health checks – in an easy to follow graphic format.
  • Monthly – customizable content to who ongoing issues and demonstrate cases for additional system investments.

Create your own reporting tool

The really great thing about our reporting facility – aside from all the great reports you can automatically generate – is the Dashboard API. This allows you for example to pull data from the Dashboard and create your own reporting tool by using SQL Service with Excel. You can also combine that data with other info sources from, say, PSA or accounting systems and create fully customized RMM reports exactly the way you want them. That’s pretty amazing flexibility – take your data and do what you want with it. Imagine the possibilities.