Asset and Inventory Tracking

Your business have got an increasing number of IT assets – servers, workstations, mobile devices, software – and the aimINSIGHT network inventory and asset tracking capabilities are going to help you to manage them easily and effortlessly.
  • Automatically gather information from any device with the aimINSIGHT agent installed
  • Free reports on hardware, software and software licenses
  • Electronic extract of asset data
  • Incredibly easy to use – you’ll be up and running in minutes

From one single interface you can:

  • View configuration information
  • Prepare comprehensive inventory and asset management and tracking reports and track any changes
  • Track software license compliance
  • Audit software and hardware changes and confirm expected state is actual state

…and simplify admin around asset tracking

  • Access detailed hardware and software information on your Dashboard anytime, anywhere – right down to serial numbers, software versions, processor type, memory, and more
  • Cut admin effort with custom fields for asset numbers, installation dates, warranty dates, care pack details or any other information you need
  • Spot banned software and take action before it causes problems
  • Provide business with detailed inventory reports

Build revenues around an amazingly quick and simple service

  • Spot new workstations and other assets – and increase your billings
  • Run the Asset Modification Report, view hardware or software additions and accurately adjust your billings
  • Run scans as part of your troubleshooting process after a problem has occurred and highlight any changes
  • Sell more software licenses by comparing the number of copies running against what they’ve licensed