5 Great Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft Operating system and until July 29th you can get this for free. We’ve picked 5 of the best reasons to download it.

1. Speed

Faster than a MacBook at booting up, the speed increase is phenomenal. You literally can’t start your machine faster!

Other speed improvements are less noticeable, but you can be sure that apps load faster than they used to.

2. The Start Menu is back!

The tech community has been asking for this since Windows 8 and now it is finally back, meaning everyone can use the start menu again!

Of course if you prefer it not to be there, you can have that too.

3. Cortana

Just like Siri, you can talk to your PC and get answers. Cortana works just like on a Windows phone, meaning you can give voice commands for various things.

Cortana also learns about you as it goes, making it better at guessing your commands.

4. Action Center

Never miss an email again – this notification center gives you everything at a glance, from emails to reminders!

Handy for when you want to be productive, but still not miss anything.

5. Security

Windows 10 has a whole host of extra security features making it the safest OS around!

Lots of existing features have been updated, not to mention new features brought in as well.

Want to see how easy it is to upgrade to Windows 10?
Click here for access to some videos that will help you and make the process faster.